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        Building with 906.50 m2 (Block H-90), located on the campus of UEM, with 6 laboratories, computer room, auditorium with forty (40) seats, 10 offices for teachers and biologists.

        Building with 2,107 m2 (Block G-90), located on the campus of UEM, with specialized library, amphitheater with 180 seats, warehouse, 8 laboratories, herbarium, museum, coolers room, drawing room, equipped classroom with 10 computers, 7 offices for students, 11 offices for teachers, kitchen, 4 bathrooms and other dependencies.

    Field area with 7,000 m2, located in the municipality of Porto Rico-PR, Brazil, on the left bank of the Paraná River, containing:
    Building with laboratories and accommodations to 26 guest students;
    Building containing living/dining room and kitchen;
    Building for storage of materials and equipments;
    More than 20 boats with outboard motors;
    Building with classroom and bathroom;
    Building with accommodations to professors or visiting researchers.