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        The Graduate Program in Ecology of Inland Waters - PEA at the State University of Maringá - UEM was founded in 1991. Since its foundation, the PEA receives financial support of government development agencies (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development - CNPq, Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - CAPES, Funding Authority for Studies and Projects - FINEP and Foundation Araucaria) along with funds of projects financed by hydroelectric companies (e.g., Itaipu Binacional, Eletrobras, Furnas and Copel).

        Our main target is to provide MSc and PhD students solid basis on conceptual and applied ecology, with emphasis on freshwater ecosystems. We expect that the graduates have sufficient training to act in the following areas:

- Higher education and research in the fields of limnology, ecology and conservation;
- Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (in public and private organizations, and in NGOs);
- Management and conservation of water resources (in public or private companies that use water, such as hydroelectric power plants);
- Evaluation, monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts on aquatic environments (in consulting companies whose focus is on aquatic ecosystems and their surroundings).

        The teachers, MSc and PhD students conduct their studies in rivers, streams, floodplains and reservoirs of the upper Paraná River basin. The theses and dissertation focus on population and communities of aquatic and riparian communities. The PEA staff and students are also responsible for a long term ecological research program (LTER) in the Upper Paraná River and its floodplain (site number 6of the Brazilian LTER). This is an important area for biodiversity conservation that has been studied since 1986. The concentration of the studies in this area enables the development of research projects in an integrated and comprehensive context, and it provides training to students during the sampling activities of the various areas involved in the LTER.

        The PEA prioritizes exchanges with students and researchers from Brazilian and foreign institutions, which help our MSc and PhD students broaden their scientific horizons and perspectives. The concentration of studies on aquatic ecosystems and the active exchange with researchers from several countries made possible the publication of summaries and original scientific articles on tropical and subtropical aquatic ecosystems, some of which are used as models for the interpretation of the results of investigations in similar ecosystems, specially regulated rivers.

        Contact us to obtain more information about application – smthomaz@gmail.com / roger.mormul@gmail.com

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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia de Ambientes Aqüáticos Continentais (PEA)
Av. Colombo, 5790 - PEA - Sala 9 - Bloco G-90
CEP 87.020-900 – Maringá - PR - Brasil
Tel.: +55 44 3011-4751 / 3011-4630 Fax: +55 44 3011-4626
E-mail: secretaria@pea.uem.br